I recently went to the Bulletproof conference in Pasadena, and those around me may have noticed a slight change in my behavior and attitude. My mom just so happened to win two tickets, so we decided we had to go since it was on our wish list. On the drive down we were talking about … More Bulletproof.

Dirty Vans

Here’s the story behind ‘Dirty Vans ‘ (click link to see segment): About two years ago I bought these white shoes. I tried to keep them as clean as possible at first. There comes a point where you just give up on that and let life happen to your shoes. Slowly but surely, I began … More Dirty Vans

Just A Story.

You have to understand things from his perspective. He has been through things, seen things, that he wishes he never had. He’s been broken in so many ways. At this point he would rather break himself than allow someone else to come along and tear him apart. He knew she was there to pick up his […]

More Just A Story.

September 24th.

My grandma has always told me the story about the day I was born. My parents had a midwife and I would be born at home. My grandparents lived one street over and could see our house from their back yard. It was early in the morning and my grandpa was getting ready to leave … More September 24th.


When I was a child, I believed I had the world at my fingertips. As I made friends and interacted with others I watched them put themselves down and think poorly of themselves. I began to think I was wrong for feeling so hopeful and confident. Little by little, my brightness began to fade. I … More Light.


One of the best feelings is when I start seeing progress when I’ve been working so hard. But what I have found better than that is when I feel a little down, because I can’t see as many results as I would like, and then someone points out how far I’ve progressed. For example, I’ve … More Progress.

Fashion Addict.

Growing up, I would play cars with my brothers, but I also had a stash of Barbie’s and baby dolls in my room. I wore dresses as I kicked light switches on and off. I would walk around with my little bedazzled blue CD player listening to The Cheetah Girls or Hannah Montana. I had constant fashion … More Fashion Addict.


Lately, I’ve been noticing my surroundings. As I started doing this, I have begun to see the beauty that is all around me. We live in such a beautiful world, and I’m truly blessed with the views the town I live in provides for me. I have an obsession with the sky. The clouds and stars both amaze me. I … More Beauty.

Please Understand.

As I sit here, contemplating what I want my next step in life to be, I’m realizing something. It feels like everyone around me thinks they have an input on how I live. People I barely know are trying to weigh in with their opinions. But they’re not just giving me suggestions. Oh, no. It’s always “Don’t … More Please Understand.

Beaver Creek.

Spending time with my niece and nephews is one of the things that brings me the most joy. Last week I was able to take them out to Beaver Creek and then treat them at the Chocolatree in Sedona. I take advantage and cherish these moments as much as I can. I am so blessed to have … More Beaver Creek.