IMG_7727Let me just start this off by saying I hit a javelina about an hour into our drive. An hour. 5 o’clock in the morning. I woke up at 3:30am and we were on the road at 4. That’s only how it started.

Driving to Carlsbad, California from Prescott, Arizona only takes about 6-7 hours if there is minimal traffic. I’m use to driving over night so there definitely isn’t much interruption. It took us about 10 hours to get to the beach after we left the house. Ten. Hours. In a car. We had to make so many stops for things like coffee breaks, restrooms, and food. Of course, being the person that I am I forgot sandals for the beach. There was no way I was going to walk through the sand in my Vans. So we also had to stop at Target to try to find cheapy ones that would work, and let’s be honest, it’s Target. A quick stop easily turned into one that lasted a minute too long. It wasn’t just the kind of Target we have in our small town, oh no. It was a Super Target. So let’s add a little more time to that.

After we paid for what I like to call my “blister flip flops,” we started driving to what Siri told us was a beach. This “beach” just so happened to be a lake. We took a right turn and got stopped by security. We were then told that we had to have a pass to get into the community. (Uhm, who lives there? Justin Bieber?!) After explaining we weren’t from there they made us turn around. We kept typing in beaches near us, just to find more lakes. There was another hour ahead of us.

Once we FINALLY made it to the jam packed beach, we found a spot near the lifeguard and started to relax. After discussing a short nap, we both fell asleep. I mean a dead sleep. I woke up with lines on me from the towels, and marks on my face from where it laid on my arm. As we turned around we noticed a truck that hadn’t been there before. Literally like two feet away from me. How did I not hear it pulling up? I honestly have no idea.

Even though I’m acting like this trip was a shit show, it was a really good experience to have. Not everything is going to happen the way you have it pictured or planned out in your mind. Reality hits, and things turn out completely different. I’ve learned that no matter what, you have to embrace the situation and make the best of it. I made the best of it during this trip by stopping at the Bulletproof Coffee shop for a to go cup before we drove home.

2 thoughts on “Experience.

  1. This last Christmas Eve i had a similar situation. I was driving from Spokane, Wa to Portland, Or. A 6 hour drive but due to bad weather it turned into a 10 hour drive with three kids in my back seat! My kids did not get the Christmas Eve I had planned but they all did so well. Around dinner time, I forgot it was Christmas Eve and every dinner option was closed. They had goldfish and apple juice for dinner! But they still did so well!


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