Disappointment Trail.

Disappointment Trail

Picketpost Mountain has been a hike on my list all summer. It’s a two and a half hour drive from where I live, just to get to the site. My first mistake was not gaining more knowledge on what I was getting myself in to. I just saw a picture of the mailbox at the top and decided that I wanted to go there.

As we started hiking, I began to have asthma issues. I had to go a couple of steps (mainly uphill) and then pause and catch my breath. When we got to a certain point, someone was passing us, coming back down. I asked how much further we had and they graciously told us a while, and then added how difficult it was. Being the person I am, I felt like I HAD to get to the top, even if it wasn’t logical. We kept going, climbing (literally) in the direction we thought it might be. I say thought because the trail ends at some point and we had to figure it out ourselves.

We got there in the late afternoon, so by the time we even began to get close the sun was starting to set. I was upset with myself because I didn’t make it to the damn mailbox. Not this time at least.

We met some people coming back down that couldn’t find it either. They told us that it was there second time looking, with no luck. This inspired me to start working out again (that’s another story), to go earlier, and conquer that son of a beotch. I can’t stand it when I fail at something, but this failure presented me with a challenge, as do most failures.

Soon enough you will see pictures of me next to that mailbox. I WILL make it to the top and find it.

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