Free Samples.



Today is the day.

At Anytime Fitness Prescott Valley, there is a Small Business Saturday Holiday Bazaar from now until 4pm. What does this mean and why am I so excited?

Small business vendors will be there for everyone to see their products. You do NOT have to be a member to attend. My mom’s store Squat Drop N Shop (located inside of the gym) is having a huge sale, PLUS samples of Bulletproof Coffee. I talk about it all of the time, so this is your chance to come and try it out for yourself! All clothing is 50% off, and select items are 20% off.

Now to the super exciting part.

My mom and I have been testing recipes with Lakanto sweetener. This sweetener is made out of Monkfruit and is SUGAR FREE. Yes, that’s right. It’s sugar free! You would never guess just by tasting it because it’s so sweet. I have made samples of three different desserts for people to try. Texas Sheet Cake, Pumpkin Pie, and Protein Cookies. All of these are bite size (my favorite) and are free to try.

If you weren’t sold on the clothes being on sale, are you sold now?

I hope to see a ton of people there. Come get your samples before they’re gone! First come, first serve.

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