Bulletproof: Continued.

IMG_9343Why did the Bulletproof Conference have such an impact on me? I will try to put it into words.

The atmosphere at the conference was indescribable. As soon as I walked through the doors the first day, I knew my life was about to change for the better. I thought that being around SO many inspirational and successful people was sure to change my perspective. I’m wrong a lot, but this time, I was right.

Everyday consisted of at least one kitchen demo, multiple speakers, hours to look at technology in the tech hall, and an unlimited amount of Bulletproof coffee.

I would have to say that the kitchen demos were my favorite part of the weekend. I love baking, and want to open up my own grain and dairy free bakery. It was nice to get tips on what tools to use, and how to use ingredients I’ve been wanting to try in recipes in the correct ways. The Jingslingers were the first demo I got to see. There are absolutely no words for the way the seven layer bar they made tasted. They used upgraded ingredients and no sugar. It tasted as good as a decadent seven layer cookie bar should.  I waited until they finished, and immediately bought their cookbook. (Who’s ready for samples?!) I loved how willing Joy and Jay were to share there love of creating such jaw dropping food. Jing

My mom and I sat in on so many different speakers, it’s difficult to pick my favorite. We had the honor of hearing Jim Kwik talk about how to master your memory, Lewis Howe talk about how to unleash your greatness and follow through with things you want to accomplish, and many more. Many times during the weekend we got to sit and listen to the man himself, Dave Asprey (mastermind and genius behind Bulletproof), talk about the newest products, what he has found to be beneficial to him, health and mentality wise, and why he started this brand in the first place.

The Tech Hall was filled with the latest technologies used for Biohacking. It was amazing to get the chance to walk around and look at what people have created that are good for us in so many different ways. We found Lakanto Monk Fruit sweetener in there, and let me tell you, that stuff is a game changer. It is a zero calorie sugar replacement that will literally change the way you think about regular sugar. I’ve been trying to bake with it more than I have been coconut sugar. (I’m about to spill a little secret… I will have samples of stuff made with Lakanto at the small business Saturday event inside of Anytime Fitness Prescott Valley on November 25th, AND Squat Drop N Shop will start carrying it for purchase that same weekend.)

Did I mention that we got free Bulletproof coffee all weekend? Well we did, and we definitely took advantage of it. We also got samples of Fat Water each of the three days. If you haven’t seen me walk around with it, come find me so you can try it. It tastes just like juice, but better. (My students see me carrying it everywhere and think it’s funny I drink something called Fat Water. They have no idea why I’m addicted to it.)IMG_8086

The best thing I got from the weekend and was mentioned by every speaker was how important it is to be grateful! Being grateful is absolutely a mind and vibe changer. It’s crazy to think about how much we miss when we go through life forgetting to be thankful for our opportunities.


2 thoughts on “Bulletproof: Continued.

  1. You saw Lewis Howes???!!! 😭 He is my FAVORITE!!!! Did you see Esther Perel? I think she was a speaker as well! You lucky girl. I want to hear more about it!!!!

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