IMG_8050I recently went to the Bulletproof conference in Pasadena, and those around me may have noticed a slight change in my behavior and attitude.

My mom just so happened to win two tickets, so we decided we had to go since it was on our wish list. On the drive down we were talking about why she won them. “There’s a reason God provided us with these, even if it’s just to gain more information.” I agreed with her on that.

The conference was packed with doctors, motivational speakers, and unlimited bulletproof coffee. It was the perfect place to set our minds straight. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was that changed me, or which one of the three days it was. It must’ve been all of it. I left feeling like a completely different person.

I went feeling useless and saying I was going to change my life, but I just felt stuck. Everything I did felt like sinking into quick sand. But now? Now I feel invincible. I may not always know how to begin, but all it takes is one step in the right direction.

The whole weekend I kept wanting to sing Bulletproof by La Roux, and let me tell you. This time, baby, I’ll be Bulletproof.

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