Dirty Vans

Here’s the story behind Dirty Vans (click link to see segment):

About two years ago I bought these white shoes. I tried to keep them as clean as possible at first. There comes a point where you just give up on that and let life happen to your shoes. Slowly but surely, I began to like the brown, dirty look.

I had one friend who would always comment on them.

“You need some new shoes! You know what, I’m just going to buy you a new pair.” Being the person I am, it made me want to keep them the way they were even more.

My Dirty Vans are my adventure shoes. They go between mud brown, to a yellow color, back to an off-white (when I finally decide to clean them). The right one has started to get a hole that’s stretching to the top. They’re still my favorite, and I will be heart broken when it’s time to get a new pair because they are no longer wearable.

Until that day comes, I’ll be posting photos of them on every adventure I take them on.

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