IMG_6433One of the best feelings is when I start seeing progress when I’ve been working so hard. But what I have found better than that is when I feel a little down, because I can’t see as many results as I would like, and then someone points out how far I’ve progressed.

For example, I’ve been able to notice a little more muscle growth in my body each week. Yesterday was my rest day and I couldn’t feel the muscle as much as I had a couple days before. Today when I walked into the gym, I felt like I had to step up my game so my muscle would build bigger and faster. Randomly, I saw a sweet man I haven’t seen in months. As we were talking he said to me, “Whatever you’ve been doing, keep it up young lady! You look amazing.” I proceeded to tell him I’ve been working on it and he replied with “It definitely shows.” I couldn’t thank him enough for his kind words.

It’s crazy to me how I can secretly be insecure about something and hide it so well, and people will come up to me and point out the one thing I’m insecure about, but they shed positive light on it. This always causes me to open my eyes to the beauty of life. I get so stuck inside of my head sometimes.

I grew up around girls who were constantly putting themselves down and pointing out their flaws. I always felt like I had to do the same so I didn’t seem cocky. I noticed that I still have that habit, except instead of expressing them out loud to others, I keep it on the inside.

Thinking you are beautiful and recognizing how much work you put into yourself is not being self-centered. It’s called self-love and I really wish more people understood that. No one should ever feel as if they are not enough, or that they are not allowed to think of themselves in a positive manner.

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