Sunrise1Lately, I’ve been noticing my surroundings. As I started doing this, I have begun to see the beauty that is all around me. We live in such a beautiful world, and I’m truly blessed with the views the town I live in provides for me. I have an obsession with the sky. The clouds and stars both amaze me. I don’t mind waking up early so I can watch the sunrise, and love watching the sunset from my rearview mirror.

One place has me more in awe than any other. This happens to be my favorite spot to run to. It’s where I clear my head. I can count on being there alone and getting space away from humanity. I may be unaware of how many people know about it, but whenever I’ve gone it’s just been me, my thoughts, and the views that keep me coming back. It gives me a sense of peace.

Whenever I look at the picture I took in my special place, I end up staring at it. It reminds me of a painting. One I wish I could paint myself.

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